Shopping for your dog on AliExpress

Dog products are expensive and you can buy a lot of useful things on Chinese AliExpress. Recently I have gone crazy dog shopping there and so far everything has arrived. If it doesn’t AliExpress will give you a refund. Finding deals on AliExpress is easy, it’s not easy to know what to buy though so here are some of my recommendations.

Fly with me

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Collapsible dog bowl around $1.60


It’s very small but sufficient for a lagotto.

Keywords to search for: Dog Portable Silicone Collapsible Bowl

Collapsible Water Bottle with a plastic hook around $0.65


Keywords: Water Collapsible Bottle

Silicone bottle to squeeze out wet food during training around $1.20


Keywords: Silicone Travel Packing Bottle

Scissors for cutting out hair between paws with safe endings around $0.65

scissors new.JPG

These scissors look super useful for lagotto. Note: I only just ordered them so I don’t know about the quality yet.

Keywords: Nose Hair Scissors

Truelove products like harnesses or leashes $10.50 – 15.80

truelove harness.JPG

These are supposed to be pretty good quality.

Keywords: truelove harness leash

Decorations like cute dog pillows around $4

This one could be a lagotto 😀

dog pillow ali.JPG

Keyword: dog pillow

There are also all those more obvious products I encourage you to browse through like dog toys, dog shoes, dog collars, dog clothes (especially for tiny dogs – lagotto is like a Chinese XXL), dog ID tags…

There are also some necklaces with breeds like lagotto necklace.

For those new to Aliexpress I am so happy with it. I started dog shopping there 3 months ago and I can’t stop. You do need to take into consideration that the delivery times can take around 2 months… but I think it’s worth it.

Happy shopping and please let me know if there is anything great out there on AliExpress that I still haven’t found.

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