ERNEST – GROT Animus Amicitiae

(C.I.B, Jr. Ch. PL, PL, LV, LT, CZ CH. Regun CONGO x Jr. Ch. PL, PL, LT, CH. SALSA della Cascinetta). Pedigree/Rodowód.

Stud dog. 45,5 cm.

dob 19.05.2015,

HD-A, Eyes clear, scissors bite,

JE +/-, LSD -/-, HUU -/-, F/F, NAD -/-, vWD -/- (download MyDogDNA report)

Junior Champion of Poland (2016) Achievements/Osiągnięcia.

Champion of Poland (2017)

Breeder: Kuba/Ania Harasymowicz.

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GROT Animus Amicitiae is otherwise known as Ernest, Ernesto, Ernestino, Erni, Er, a Lagotto Romagnolo. He resides in Wrocław, Poland.


Ernest is the dog of my dreams. He is self-confident and brave. He loves people. It’s great to watch when he is being silly but mostly he’s a joy to work with. He is observant, a quick learner – never gives up.

The very energetic creature enjoys all forms of activity – running, fetching balls, smelling things, searching for hidden objects… and obedience 🙂

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I am launching this blog as an extension of my facebook-based page/diary. Sometimes I just have a lot more to say. I might not find the time to write – since I’m out walking and training with Ernest.

I care about Awareness. Aware owners are happy owners of happy pets.